About my painting.
Common Luxuries
Oil on wood panel 
Model: @gracielyro 
Fancy Fries was inspired by 19th century paintings of the rich and famous, Gucci (modern royalty) and people who steal royal jewels (ocean’s 8) and of course my ordinary hunger for French fries (met mkt). This painting was not born out of a desire to create a commentary on the middle/upper class, privilege or the responsibilities attached. I wanted to create something beautiful, relatable, and a little humorous. But art should have some meaning even if it’s retrospective. This piece reminds me of my status and the gifts I’ve been given. The “thin” days of my childhood only looked like off brand food and cops down the street. Much has been given to me and in relation to that much is expected. I’m not saying this painting should make you want to serve the poor, live a simple life and stop buying French fries. I’m saying it reminds me on a personal level that if I can afford to be a consumer then I can afford to be a giver. Whether loving thy neighbor looks like abroad missions, giving funds or the giving of time and gifts locally: I as a Christian, an artist and a citizen have been given the responsibility to give to others.